By - 11/2/2020 05:00

Sly boyfriend

Today, during a drunk game of truth or dare, my boyfriend of 3 years admitted he secretly fabricates reasons for himself, or me, to punish my 7 years old son by sending him to his room, where he will end up sulking for several hours, all, so he won’t have to bother co-parenting for those hours. FML
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By  Sady_Ct  |  36

This is disgusting.

By  Kaylana_fml  |  31

I hope you explained to your son that you made a mistake, and how sorry you are that he was punished due to your shortcomings in judgment. He needs to hear that his mother cares more about his feelings and admitting when she is wrong than she does about the feelings of her lying good-for-nothing boyfriend.

By  ViviMage  |  38

He needs a better father that can do the job. Being a parent is not grounding the kid 90% of the time. This kid will hate your boyfriend.
Even if he IS blood related, that doesn't make him a competent parent. Get this guy out of the picture, and for your sake too!

I was abused at age 7 and wasn't allowed to see my father in our court appointed visitation right days, was starved by his new wife or fed rotten steaks, beaten for not cleaning his house right/well (I had ADD or AS and I couldn't concentrate on a task to begin with, and I didn't visit my dad to clean his mess). And I was emotionally abused that I am the reason dad left, that I should have been a boy. Like I had a choice in that.

And I had my head beaten into a toilet bowl for not stealing a coloring book.... I had very obvious brain damage and never went to the ER.
Oh yeah, and she tried to crush my windpipe in broad daylight.
And pulled over to try to force me out of her car on the side of the highway.

Trust me, get that man away from you, your son, and your son in therapy. Please.
- From another child abuse victim.