Sexist Guy Tries to Attack Sarah Silverman on Twitter and Her Response Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Trolls will be trolls, but how often do people stop and take the time to ask why? When one sexist dude started making rude comments on comedian Sarah Silverman’s Twitter, she chose to do just that and didn’t expect the honest response she received.

It seems like common sense that the trolls throwing around inflammatory comments and insults online have some serious problems in real life. Whether it’s social, physical, or mental health problems, there’s always a reason. However, when someone is doing nothing but insult you, it’s hard to see past their thorny exterior and find that problem.

Unless, of course, you’re Sarah Silverman. No, she’s no sugarplum fairy. In fact, she’s known for her dark humor and deadpan delivery, but when it comes to mental health, she doesn’t mess around. That’s why when a troll started commenting on her tweets, instead of blowing him off or retorting something snarky in Silverman fashion, she peers into his soul and he opens up. Read the heartwarming exchange here!


I guess I should let you know now that it doesn’t start off very heartwarming...

Believe it or not, he actually responds openly and honestly.

And voila. They each gained a new friend in each other.

Silverman decided to use her following to help Jeremy out.

The exchange inspired many, some of whom reached out on Twitter to comment.

Since the exchange, Jeremy has been work on taking care of his health so he can get back in action. He even started his own gofundme to finance his back care. With all the publicity he's gotten in the last couple weeks, he's recieved overwhelming support. As of the time of writing, he's already gained $2,860, surpassing his $150 goal by strides.

You can donate too, just head to

Sarah Silverman will be proud of you, and we will too.

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By  keble  |  9

The story was heartwarming but I feel like we need to clear something up. Not everything negative said to a woman is sexist, calling him sexist just because he called a woman a name is pretty dramatic.