Seat Full Of Dog Feces Disgusts Delta Passengers

Delta's solution is raising eyebrows.

Remember when a guy's vacation was ruined by a urine-soaked airline seat? Thanks to Delta, he's now got competition.


Matthew Meehan had just boarded a flight from Michigan to Miami this week when he noticed moments too late that his seat was, for lack of a better phrase, full of shit.


"Actual feces and it was all over me. I sat in it and it was on the seat, on the floor, the seat in front," Meehan said to news outlets. "I was literally in it."


The mess was apparently left by a service dog that fell ill during the previous flight. Why it wasn't cleaned up between flights is anyone's guess! He and his seatmates were rightfully grossed out, and he jumped up to get some assistance from the crew. What did they offer him? "This is all I was given: two paper towels, and a bottle - one of those little bottles - of Bombay Sapphire." That's right, nothing from the hazmat kit, just a miniature bottle of gin and some paper towel.


Meehan worked with what his was given and cleaned what he could from his hands, clothing, and shoes while flight attendants continued boarding the plane. He tried to speak to a manager, but she told him that it wasn't her problem.


"I had to step back for a moment and say, 'Alright, keep your composure. You do not want to be one of these people you see on the news getting kicked off a plane.' Meanwhile, I’m covered in feces."


In the end, the poop was wiped up with paper towels and the seats were covered in blankets, but the stench did not go away.


"I have never in my entire life felt more dehumanized. I felt like an animal. Words can't even describe how awful it was."


When the plane landed, it was finally taken out of service to be properly cleaned. Meehan was offered a full refund with "additional compensation" but there must still be a solid option to sue, because he's already been contacted by several lawyers that are interested in taking his case.


So who had it worse? The pee guy or the poo guy? Let the voting begin!


By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 7 November 2018 22:28 /
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Top comments
By  alycion  |  38

If it was on his seat, the floor, and the seat in front, how did he not notice. And any dog owner can attest to how awful the smell is when a dog has an upset stomach, so that would have been another clue.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Yeah, definitely shouldn't have let anyone board the plane with that mess. Did they seriously not notice, by sight OR smell? Or did they really not care? And they expected a person to NOT complain? Plus, if I were the guy, I would have moved, but Delta might have assigned seats, so I don't know how that works. Regardless, paper towels and gin? Yeah, that's really going to help... if lawyers are coming to HIM to offer their services, I'd take them up on the offer!