School nuns book trip of a lifetime … using students’ money

Very bad, but pretty genius we must say.

Having worked for decades at a Catholic school in Torrance, California, two nuns have shocked and shamed their peers and pupils after splashing out on lavish beach holidays and racking up a bill of as much as $500,000 on gambling trips to Las Vegas – using none other than the school`s own money!


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These #nuns secured the bag 💰 500k from #catholic and cleared of ANY wrongdoings! 🤨

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Apparently, the duo’s numerous spending sprees were racked up over a period of ten years, with Sister Lana Chang posing as an innocent eighth grade teacher and Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper as school principal – positions you wouldn’t normally want to mess with.


The dark secret was revealed after the family of a kid who attended Saint James Catholic school asked for a copy of a check they had sent for tuition. Other members of staff then realized that the cash had been debited to a mysterious account, an account with no relation to the school (fishy, hey?) and soon after, all hell broke 

loose, as it turns out Kreuper had been diverting checks entitled to the school to this secret space. Soon after, the school opened up an official investigation which did indeed confirm the pair had been up to no good – for at least a decade!


The partners in crime have now apparently retired (we wonder why!) and after perhaps saying a prayer or two, were let off after being quizzed by officials and admitting their wrong doing.


Despite the obvious moral implications here, these two certainly knew how to work the system! What would you blow $500,000 on if you had the choice? Let us know in the comments below!


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sure it was, Father... so there's this little parish on an island called Craggy Island looking for a priest.... you'll have lovely companions there! (and if you don't get the reference, I apologize for the assumption..)