‘Raw Water’ Is A Thing Now And Yes, It’s As Ridiculous As It Sounds

Silicon Valley is still up to their weird health fads, and this time it means emptying your wallet for unfiltered water, straight from the ground. Worried about disease-spreading bacteria? That’s only an FML you’ll have to worry about if you can’t afford the hospital bills.

If at the sound of the phrase “raw water,” your eyes promptly roll to the back of your head, you probably have more common sense than the folks in Silicon Valley these days. Raw water is exactly what it sounds like: un-treated, ground-sourced water, complete with probiotics and silica, or liquid crystals.

You can see how this would appeal to the new-age hippies of Silicon Valley. Keep in mind, these are the same people who championed another unorthodox health trend called  ‘biohacking,’ or extended fasting, as a way to improve productivity. It makes sense, then, that those willing to starve themselves in the name of health, are just as willing to infect themselves with potentially dangerous bacteria for the same reason.

Here’s a video explaining the benefits. It’s got everything you would expect. A soundtrack of spa music, babbling brooks, those shoes where you can see the toes. It's all there.

According to the founder of Fountain of Truth, one of the companies distributing raw water, their unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water is sourced in Oregon, where water is free of synthetic toxins and contamination and full of probiotics, which is much better than the water most people drink, which the company’s founder, Mukhande Singh, commented on:

“Tap water? You're drinking toilet water with birth control drugs in them. Chloramine, and on top of that they're putting in fluoride. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it's a mind-control drug that has no benefit to our dental health.”

Singh says we need to reconnect with our natural roots.

‘Our lives have become so domesticated — we are so factory farmed — that most folks have forgotten where water even comes from. We've become like adult sized bottle-fed babies who've never seen a lactating breast.'

But reverting back to healthy, breast-fed babies isn’t cheap.

Live Water is currently only available for delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area and the LA Metropolitan area, which may be for the better, since only people who can already afford the price of living in those areas can afford to pay the price of delivery.

One jug starts at $16, with a minimum of 4 jugs per order. Not to mention the necessary glass jugs also sold by the company, which, while admittedly beautiful (yes, a glass jug can be beautiful) are incredibly expensive. A simple jug goes for $33 and a 2.5 gallon dispenser goes for $69.

By Nina / Monday 8 January 2018 18:48 / France
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By  maikeru1979  |  23

S.M.D.H. I've been drinking "Raw water" for 38 years(I am going to be 39 in 2 weeks) creek water, lake water, spring water...all of it.
SO in other words....THIS IS NOTHING NEW

By  maikeru1979  |  23

S.M.D.H. I've been drinking "Raw water" for 38 years(I am going to be 39 in 2 weeks) creek water, lake water, spring water...all of it.
SO in other words....THIS IS NOTHING NEW

By  Razell  |  13

<i>un-treated, ground-sourced water, complete with probiotics and silica, or liquid crystals.</i>

In other words, they haven't even filtered the sediment out of it.

By  raspution  |  21

I wonder if people know that most tap water is sewage they put bugs in to eat it. Then filter them out and add bleach and other chemicals to make sure there all dead before sending it to your sink. They have shown that while unprocessed stuff has a .001 chance of getting you sick it is much healthier then the chemicals.

  Gwenevier  |  29

Guess you probably don’t know about the available drinking water crisis in extremely large parts of Africa and west Asia. Sure, SOME unfiltered water won’t kill you, depending on where you get it from and what’s around it. If it’s an uncontaminated well with a healthy ground table, sure. I grew up on that. But lake water contains amoebas, which are single cell parasites that can and will kill you if left untreated. Places that don’t have clean natural water NEED filtered and purified water because if they drink it, they WILL die. Hands down. There is literally only so much water in the world, and a very small percentage of it is drinkable (can’t drink sea water). If we didn’t reuse and clean this water, we would’ve been out of it a LONG time ago. Ground water, if from the right source, can have a very small chance of causing infection or infestation. But those spots are not super common, and chemicals are polluting the earths ground table on the daily. So... yeah. I’m done lol.

  boopingsnoot  |  23

Dude, I'm MAJORING in this stuff and you've described the process in a way that seems grosser than it is. We've drained all the swamplands that did pretty much the same thing naturally, minus chlorine and some of the fluorite. And bottled water is much LESS regualted than tap, trust me.

By  bigdaddyeric  |  30

That long haired douche is exactly who I pictured drinking this unfiltered fecal filled water when I heard about “Raw Water” a few weeks ago. It costs huge amounts of money and all it is is unfiltered water that contains fish shit, microorganisms to give you diarrhea for days and in the worst cases, death. Belly up to the bar people then run for the bathroom. Don’t believe me? Ask any REAL Doctor.

By  Dave_Davington  |  33

I have an amazing new superfood (that's the word they use, right?) for these people. It's called Naturally Processed Food. Food is refined and processed not using harmful sounding chemicals and methods, but rather the human body's natural enzymes, resulting in food more packed with nutrients and energy while still being balanced and 100% all natural. For anyone who's interested, I can provide one full serving per day for the low low price of $97.34.

By  Madrias  |  36

Maybe it'll help cleanse the gene pool of those with more money than brains. I'll stick to my tap water with a water filter, which does an excellent job at providing me with fresh, clean, crystal clear water at an excellent price.