Racist Boss With Immigrant Employee Proves Exactly Why You Should Always Treat People With Respect

FML for the employee that had to deal with the douche-lord of a boss, but FML for the boss who has definitely learned to just be nicer to people.

When Australia was going through a shortage of doctors and they were offering citizenship to foreign doctors, many people hopped on board. Unfortunately this did not mean that it was any easier for them to make it in the country. One Indian doctor's story shows the hardships that minorities often go through in these situations... but don't feel too bad. It may have taken some time, but it looks like this doctor definitely had the last laugh. 

Source: BoredPanda

By Nadine / Thursday 15 March 2018 17:10 /
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Now this is something that he had to have planned years ahead. He waited for the right time and took him out, being nowhere in a rish because he knew that he was better than that dick.