Prank posters are appearing all around L.A., and… we're loving them !

Jason Saenz is a comedian. No, really. He's a stand-up comedian by trade, but in his spare time he creates hysterically funny prank posters, which he posts all around town for other people to stumble upon and think, "Oh FML… huh? Wait, what?" Here's our faves.

Fake posters aren't a novelty, but perfecting them is art

People have been creating fake posters to make points for hundreds of years. Funny signs have been around the Internet for a few years now. Who could forget the "Don't make things weird" style, first with the dog :

Then the duck variant :

And who can forget the sad story of Tom (we hope that Tom was fictional, and that the whole setup was a situationist prank):

With the progress (or devolution depending on your view of it) made social media, they're not limited to your neighborhood anymore.


Jason Saenz has taken the pranks to another level. His Instagram page has over 6 000 followers, but it's bound to get many, many more. Check these out:

1 - Exercise


2 - Faith


3 - Reality


4 - Cat


5 - Jobseeker


6 - Vapers


7 - At the DMV

8 - Fictional characters are kinda meh these days


9 - Scientology for all

10 - Dude, where's my health care?


11 - Oh, right, you can trade it for your iPhone!

12 - Let's just protest everything!

How about we make our own and start spreading the love?

We've been thinking long and hard about this initiative, and we've got a few ideas up our sleeves. Like, for example, getting some FML stickers produced, in all sizes, and amending advertisements by adding them at the end. Imagine a world where "FML" becomes the trademark punctuation to express disgust at certain billboards and slogans. We can't name names or give examples of current slogans, but imagine the fun you'd have adding our logo to street signs. Not that we condone defacing private property.

Well done Jason, you might just start a global movement!


By Alan / Monday 31 July 2017 17:08 /
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