Pornhub Has Announced That It's Giving Free Premium To The Residents Of Town's With Dirty Names In A Hilarious Video

So, New Yorkers, Detroiters, San-Franciscans, you thought your city was cool? Do you get free premium porn though? Nah? Sounds like an FML for you.

As Pornhub itself says, this deal is "no laughing matter."

Residents of Upper and Lower Dick, residents of Fucking, and residents of Gayville, Fingringhoe, and Climax. Your time as come. 

Gone are the days when people come to your city just to laugh at your city's sign and take funny photos. Nope, now when they come, (because, they still will,) you'll hardly notice when you're overloaded on all that HD quality pornagraphy.

Pornhub has identified 50 cities with sexually suggestive names and decided to give these people a break from being the butt of the joke with a free lifetime subscribtion to the porn website's premium membership services. This means that the resident's of Anus and Orgy can enjoy ad-free porn, at 4k quality,  and virtual reality capabilities. 

The initiative is called Pornhub's Premium Places, and the website explains exactly why they're doing it.

"With millions of people visiting the site every day, it’s no secret that many people all over the world enjoy watching porn and are familiar with its vocabulary…so why all the fuss over places with names like Fucking, Rectum, or Dildo?"

The site provides a map that you can scroll through to see the 50 chosen cities. And they are not messing around about getting people their free premium porn: the website also gives instructions on what to do in the case that their geo detection isn't catching you in your sexually suggestive city. All you have to do is email [email protected] with proof of address like an ID or utility bill.

And if your city isn't on the list, but you think it should be? They encourage you to tweet at them with the hastag #PremiumPlaces, to possibly get your city on the list.

By Nadine / Friday 30 March 2018 08:28 / United States
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