“Pizza Stalker” Sends Over 100 Pizzas To A Lawyer And We’re Not Seeing The Issue Here

Is a lifetime supply of pizza really an FML?

He can’t sleep. He can’t think. But he can certainly eat. Lawyer Guido Grolle of Dortmund, Germany pressed charges in January when over 100 pizzas were being delivered to his door, but claims he has no idea who the perpetrator could be. According to Metro News, Police are treating the situation as stalking.

We need answers...

Where is this person getting all this extra money? Does it have anything to do with the lawyer's hyper-Italian sounding name? Is this an act of love as some hardcore pizza lovers might consider it, or simply a prank?

Apparently, pizzas are coming so frequently that different delivery drivers are passing each other on the way to dropping off the pizzas, which is how pizza places began to catch onto what was going on.

Not giving up that easily.

When the pizza places began to stop responding to deliveries to Grolle's address, the perp did not give up so easily. He simply switched venues, and began sending him sushi, sausage, and greek food.

"it's so irritating, I don't even get my work done anymore," Grolle said.

We’re not so sure it’s that serious, Grolle. Though we do get calling the police, (apparently, the madness has to stop,) we can hardly see how this is stopping him from getting his work done. Just pop in some headphones and ignore the doorbell. Otherwise, just enjoy the pizza! Sure, maybe this lawyer is some kind of crazy health nut, and the sheer thought of pizza upsets him on a level a normal pizza lover could never comprehend. But think of all the other opportunities: even if he did not want to eat all the pizza himself, he could certainly donate the deliveries each night to a homeless shelter… or call the shelters to have the pizza picked up. He could tell his neighbors to come by every night and pick up a pizza whenever they feel like it, or even take a few boxes for pizza parties at work.

All we’re saying is, the pizza-related opportunities are endless. Maybe don’t bite the hand that (literally) feeds you, Grolle.

By Nadine / Monday 19 February 2018 15:52 / France
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By  rubberduck_of_doom  |  31

I mean even if it isn't the worst thing in the world you can't just dismiss something like this and tell him to just "ignore it". I can totally see how you can't get any work done if there is a constant ring on the door and you have to open it all the time and explain to yet another delivery driver that you didn't order anything and that it's just a stupid prank.

This constant nuisance of the doorbell and people bringing you food that you can't eat (because it's simply too much) and you have to throw it away and take care of the trash and so on an so forth... I can see how something like that would slowly drive you insane.