People Trying To Sell Mirrors Is On The Internet Is The Best Thing That You Didn't Know You Needed To See

This task doesn't seem like it should be so hard. Or hilarious.

Someone posted about the hilarity of the photos on Twitter, and it started a wonderful thread of people sharing their own photos, or displaying their own found treasures from the internet. To be fair, it's not something you'd think woudl be too difficult, until you try to do it yourself.

Bored Panda did a compilation of the photos, and we decided to post 17 of our own favorites. 

1. "Alright, take the picture and then light me up, let's go."

2. Dancing baby not included.

3. That man looks like his wife has been trying to sell the mirror for 3 years, and he's trying to figure out how to tell her to just throw it out.

4. Uh, was there a car accident resulting in both this man's broken neck and broken mirrors?


6. The banana really adds a little something extra.

7. No one can see you, Betty. Killed it.

8. That's a foot holding up the phone, guys. So many questions.

9. Sold because the man has an adorable pup simply for being adorable with the pup.

10. If only everyone had the self confidence of middle aged men.

11. I like that this person really did some critical thinking about how to take this photo and then posted this like "Nailed it."

12. Question: Is the pupper included?

13. If you're gonna be in the photo, you might as well strike a pose.

14. The subtle approach. 

15. She managed not to get in the shot, but the pup kinda ruined that. (Or made it better?)

16. If you set up the self timer, why stay in the shot?!

17. Mirror, or Magritte painting?

By Nadine / Monday 9 April 2018 15:30 /
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