People Are Revealing The True Meaning Behind Their Country's Flag Designs, And It's Hilarious

Throw away your textbooks, kids. These flag interpretations are all you need.

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration for country's flags comes from? How exactly they landed on certain shapes, colors, and designs? Well, the answer to your long awaited questions are finally here. 9gag posted people's interpretations of what the colors on various flags really mean, and thank god they did. We would have never had such a strong insight on how each of these wonderful countries came to be, while simultaneously learning about history and politics of these majestic lands in one fell swoop. 

You'll see the same flag more than once on this list, because apparently when you're completely making up the meaning behind a territory's flag, it's also open to interpretation. Regardless -- From the U.S. to North Korea to Ireland to Australia, we've got the correct interpretations right here. We encourage you to argue with your geography teachers over this one, because this right here, is what we call facts.

By Nadine / Tuesday 29 May 2018 15:17 /
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  Zekfen  |  17

Perhaps a little research would show you that It is a referred to as the potatoes famine because 2/5ths of the population was solely reliant on potatoes as their food source. Thus when the source of their food was ravaged by potato blight, they starved.

  Callyn  |  47

So you're saying that the potato crop died off because of disease, causing a lot of people to starve to death. I doubt that the person who made that flag thought that there were no potatoes in Ireland, but having a massively reduced number causing people to starve makes the joke coherent. It's still awful, like every single joke on this article but it makes sense.

  Matt Rose  |  2

Not no potatoes, but they were very scarce, and due to the fact that it was around 80% of their crops, and the laws were in favor of land owners rather than the laborers, many people starved to death. So the land owners were eating but the lower classes were starving. Famine means extreme scarcity of food. So if you follow how English works then you can see how one could draw that conclusion.