Parents Sue 30 Year Old Son For Not Moving Out Of Their House

What level of FML hell is it when your own parents decide to sue you?

Mark and Christina Rotondo of Camillus, New York, have been trying to evict their 30-year-old son Michael from their home for months -- but it's not the typical "Get out, ya deadbeat" conversation you'd expect. After having given their son five written notices, Michael still refused to move. That's when Mark and Christina decided to take legal action.

We're not sure how five notices wasn't enough for Michael to get the picture, or how he has no sense of shame to stay so long in a place that he is clearly not welcome; but believe it or not, he did show up to court to defend himself. Apparently, he really believed he had a strong case.

Michael claimed his parents had not given him enough time to move out, despite their multiple notices. The couple had even offered to assist in the apartment hunt as well as financially, which really makes Michael just that much more of a jerk. He also said his parents don't provide food or do his laundry for him. So you can see why it's truly shocking that the judge did not side with Michael. Quel horreur!

Michael's parents claim that he is unemployed, but according to the Daily Mail, Michael says he has his own 'successful business' that is an "overwhelmingly superior choice for the economic well being over the working of a full-time job." Though we don't know for certain, we've got our guesses as to which side of that story is true.  What we do know for sure is that Michael has been locked in a legal battle with Best Buy, who he says they 'fired him for not being able to work Saturdays.'

When the judge ruled in favor of his parents, Micheal left the courtroom in huff, vowing to appeal the decision. Because staying in your parents house after they've literally sued you because they want you out so bad is a great idea.

Here's our advice to Michael: Move out, move on, and get a job. Any FML readers still living in their mother's basements? Drop a comment below. 

By Nadine / Wednesday 23 May 2018 15:42 /
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Top comments
By  julfunky  |  29

“Any FML readers still living in their mother's basements?”

*Raises hand*

To be fair, it a split-level so it’s not technically a full-blown basement...

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Okay, I get that times are hard, and if you're an adult with a job and bills trying to make ends meet, there's nothing wrong with your parents helping you, and in some cases letting you live with them, as long as you're not just lounging around on your butt all day and not even trying. But if you're mooching off your parents, then yes, it's time to grow up and get out.