Parents Of Twitter Are Renaming Their Kids After The Reasons They Were Born And It’s Ridiculously Funny

Let’s hope the kids don’t see these tweets because finding out you were a ‘Netflix and chill’ baby would be an FML for sure.

After one woman’s tweet about her honest kids’ names went viral, parents on Twitter chimed in to name their own kids and the thread is an absolute treasure trove, as first resported by Scary Mommy.

I’ll own up to the cliche of being a “Valentine’s Day” baby. The thought itself is pretty cringey, but I’d take that over being a “Hennessey” baby any day!

These parents are showing that most of the time, their kids really are accidents, but the circumstances leading up to those accidents are surprisingly hilarious.

1. The next generation's most popular name.

2. Mimosas are dangerous...

3. Named after a relic. Classy.

4. "He went to Jared"

5. Sharing is caring.

6. Oh, how we underestimated parenthood.

7. Well you sound fun, mom.

8. I ain't saying she a gold digger. 

9. BFF

10. What a trip.

11. Screw the odds!

12. You've got to read the side effect warnings. 

13. Age ain't nothing but a number. 

14. These children are clearly a product of miseducation. 

15. Preparing for number 3. 


What would your honest kids names be?

By Nina / Monday 4 December 2017 12:36 /
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By  Mangascribbler  |  19

I would have been named Post Wedding Birth Control Failure, my middle brother would be That Wasn’t So Bad Let’s Have Another, and my youngest brother would be Holy Shit Birth Control Failure 10 Years Later

  Nuitari  |  3

So sorry for your loss :(
Our first one passed away last month after many years of illuminating our lives. Fuck cancer.

If we go for a 3rd kid, their names would be "WantedSurprise", "LetsGetAnotherOne", "RainbowBaby"