By Anonymous - 1/2/2020 05:00

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Today, I bought my first vibrator, which I have to hide cause my mom is super uptight and thinks all forms of pleasure are immoral. Unfortunately, she found it within 5 minutes of me hiding it and grounded me for a month, but that night, I actually caught her using it. I'm still grounded, hypocritical woman. FML
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By  wysegirl  |  16

Is it that hard to wait until you Re out of her house? unknown how old you are but her house her rules.. hypocritical or not you don't pay the Bill's she does.

  AlcyoneBlack  |  10

I agree with Iamthebanzai22. The fact that her mom used it while not allowing her is hypocritical.

It doesn't matter if it's her mom's house or not or what age she is; if the mom is going to have rules like that for the daughter than she should not enforce them for her and then turn around and go against them herself. It sets a bad example to the daughter for life. It's like saying people aren't allowed to speed, but cops can because they are the law. If you are the law of the house, road, city, state, or even country then the laws you put down must not only be obeyed by your citizens but yourself. Otherwise you just become a dictator.

On a more personal note: I actually think that the immoral thing is wrong cause it's better for the daughter to seek self pleasure than to go looking for sex just to get the same experience.