No Joke, Clowns Are Losing Work and The World Clown Association Is Claiming It’s All Because of Stephen King’s ‘It’

This is no laughing matter for career clowns around the world who are saying FML to the ‘It’ re-boot coming to theaters tomorrow, claiming that horrific depictions of clowns like Pennywise are killing the clown industry. I guess that makes all clowns sad clowns these days.

Things are not going well for clowns right now.

Back in April, Stephen King, author of ‘It,’ which is making its comeback to cinemas today, sent out a tweet that did not sit well with the red-nosed clown-folk.

The tweet was not taken lightly by legit clowns out there, for whom It has caused a serious problem. Pam Moody, the clown-suited fire safety educator, Sparky and president of the World Clown Association, told the Hollywood Reporter, “It all started with the original It. That introduced the concept of this character. It's a science-fiction character. It's not a clown and has nothing to do with pro clowning.”

Moody’s comment, of course, is in reference to Pennywise, the embodiment of evil that King created in his novel. Though you may not have read the book or even seen the movie, chances are you’ve seen his face before. This is the charming character she cites as the root of coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.

But the fact of the matter is that clowns have always been downright terrifying. Some say that a fear of clowns comes from a fear of the uncanny. In other words, they’re scary because they look like people, but because their features are exaggerated, they make people uncomfortable. Other say it’s because they untrustworthy and unpredictable. I mean, who would’ve expected 8 clowns to pour out of a two-seater car?

“People had school shows and library shows that were canceled. That’s very unfortunate. The very public we're trying to deliver positive and important messages to aren't getting them."

Whatever the reason, career clowns have had enough.

"Help me, I'm holding on for dear life" -Sia & all the clowns in the world

As if big-screen adaptations of scary clowns weren’t enough, the clown industry took a massive hit after last year’s killer clown phenomenon that swept the United States. The WCA even released a statement titled, WCA Stand on Scary Clowns !! to try and cover the damage, but I’m afraid it was too late. If people weren’t already scared of clowns, they definitely are now.

And so I think it’s time to send in the clowns…on the clowns.

Sorry, my floppy-footed fellows, I’m afraid clowns, like circuses in general, are on their way out. Time to bust out that never-ending handkerchief of your while you wipe up your clown tears.

By Nina / Monday 4 September 2017 16:37 /
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By  davecross  |  11

JFC: jobs for clowns is a non profit organization that is showing the world that clowns are not bad people and that they just enjoy entertaining people. If you are a clown out of work because on this movie please go to
And sign the petition to stop the release of this movie.

By  saliwells1  |  18

and they're clearly not remembering that people dressed as clowns were actually attacking people IRL several months ago...I can't imagine they didn't have issues then that are worse than a Stephen King book that's been around for decades...