By not_so_virginal - 4/1/2020 03:00

My cosmetic product

Today my mom was looking for the nail polish remover in my closet. Instead, she found a box of condoms, a pink vibrator, and a pregnancy test... all right next to each other. FML
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  kfchicken_fml  |  26

so snoopings not allowed until the age of 21? also are you saying everyone that's pursuing a higher education and in crippling debt doesn't deserve privacy? I'm confused why you think privacy is bought and not instead earned by a child.


I’m going to change it to if your out of high school and living with your parents and not paying rent you can’t complain when they snoop. If you want privacy then get your own place

  jmilam90  |  8

Not all college students are able to pay rent, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve privacy. I would argue that someone over the age of 18 deserves more privacy that a middle school or high schooler especially if they are trying to better themselves with an education or actively trying to figure out their career. Your ideas on privacy are backwards.

By  brittanygilman  |  5

My mom tried claiming the same type of thing, except she used a hair tie as an excuse, in my chest of drawers....
I have short hair and have not used a hair tie in 10 years.