Mountain Dew Accidentally Told All Of Scotland To Masturbate In Their New Ad

Do the dew. Literally.

Mountain Dew UK gave Scotland a good laugh recently when it tweeted a GIF of a sweating young man chugging on a bottle of Mountain Dew. The tweet itself said "We didn’t choose the chug life, the chug life chose us. #DoTheDew"

While this may seem like nothing out of the ordinary to Americans, a bit corny, if nothing else-- In Scotland, the tweet took on a totally different meaning... considering "chug" is Scottish slang for jacking off. 

Now, with that in mind, the following responses to to the tweet should really tickle you.

According to Munchies, this isn’t even Mountain Dew's first F up. In 2012 they asked the internet to help name their new green apple flavor, and the results were... well, exactly what you'd expect from the internet. The most popular flavor suggestions were Hitler Did Nothing Wrong, Fapple, and Gushing Granny.

You guys, this is why we can't have nice things. 

By Nadine / Thursday 30 August 2018 13:58 /
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By  Charlie Given  |  23

LMFAO whatcha mean this Ad is perfect ,sweaty young man head back chugging Mountain Dew but whatcha can't see below the picture is the other hand is down his pants having a chug in the morning, that's damn accurate for today's young men 😂🤣🤣😌😈