Mom Tries Domino's Pizza App and Fails Miserably

"Today, my mom ordered pizza for dinner. She forgot to select sauce and cheese. FML"

A lot of us have seen versions of this before around the internet. People get too drunk or too distracted and wind up ordering a pizza that's basically just bread, sometimes with a little meat thrown on top. Apparently these make-your-own pizzas are risky business! It leaves a lot of us wondering why they bothered to provide this option in the first place... Maybe for the lols?

Whatever the reason, the results are often funny... especially in the case of Twitter user bj stead, who tweeted on behalf of his dear, confused mom.

Been there, seent it. So why are we bothering to report on this particular occurence? The aftermath.


Actually, the family got a really sweet deal.

DiGiorno Pizza (it's not delivery) volunteered as tribute, much to the delight of Twitter users everywhere.

"Delete the app..." they taunted "We'll even include things like cheese and sauce..."



If that doesn't excite a girl, I don't know what will.

All the while, the Domino's Twitter bot was busy offering pizza order links to anyone that mentioned the brand.

Uh... no thanks? Not the time, buddy.

End result?

DiGiorno finally delivered.

Yeah, they even made the joke.



DiGiorno: 1 / Domino's: 0

Can't wait to see what the next fiasco brings!






By Cali / Tuesday 18 July 2017 11:15 / France
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