Mom Just Wants a Cute Family Picture But When Her Kids Troll Her, She's Left Wondering, 'Where Is The 'Love?"

Reason #73627 children are the worst: when it’s holiday season and you just want a nice family photo for the Christmas card, but your kids have something else in mind. This mother of three learned the hard way.

Last week, one poor mother was the at the poop-end of a tweet gone viral after she tried to snap a photo of her and her kids spelling out ‘love.’ Her kids had something else in mind and it, well, see for yourself...

Look at this. How can this not be funny? Everyone loves a good peen joke. Especially one seamlessly executed, as here demonstrated by the King kids.

Kids always say they’re embarrassed by their parents, but parents can be embarassed by their kids too. @SydneyKing3’s mother learned that when her kids decided to make her the ‘o’ in ‘cock.’ To give credit where credit’s due, the kids totally pulled it off. All of Twitter seems to be in agreement.

If you’re impressed that these kids managed to pull of such a perfect joke, it’s because they’re actually veteran trolls. Just check out what Sydney did for her mom when her parents got divorced.

Sydney, keep doing you. You’re a real inspiration.

By Nina / Monday 23 October 2017 17:52 / France
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