[MEGA UPDATE] Win a Smartphone or $10,000 worth of prizes with FML!

This Easter we celebrate in style with the Clucking Machine! Play to win prizes like mugs, money, & brand new tech! REREAD FOR NEW BONUSES.
By Cali / Friday 7 April 2017 16:17 /


Welcome, young chicks. We'd like to play a game.

How does it work?

I'll get there. Let us first begin with the beginning of the beginning. You need to have an account on FML to play!

On the site and the app, we hid 10 magical golden eggs, each of which will automatically credit you 10 eggs to use in The Clucking Machine. You will be given clues as you go along to find them, but it's not the only attraction. Not by a long shot. 

Each user will receive 10 eggs straight up each day that they play, regardless of the status of the golden eggs. We're so generous, right? In addition to these, there are infinite random eggs that you will reap as you navigate the website and the app. Don't just spam the refresh button! Use the site as you normally would, and you'll receive a notification each time you receive an egg in your basket (remember to activate push notifications for the app). 

Great. What am I supposed to do with eggs?

Each egg gives you a chance to try your luck on The Clucking Machine. It's a slot machine that delivers gold, silver, bronze, and plain old (broken) eggs.

If you're lucky and you line up 4 identical eggs, you'll be entered into the drawing for one of the big jackpots. Otherwise, nothing is lost! Each egg displayed will give you a certain number of points that will be added up on a scoreboard next to the machine. At the end of the competition, the top ten scores will win Amazon gift vouchers, first place getting $500!

If an egg is good, is a chicken better?

On the site (but not on the app, sorry) we hid chickens on certain user profiles. These hens lay an egg every hour, which will allow you to replay at the Clucking Machine. You can steal another user's hen via a button on their profile, and when you do so your own profile picture will be replaced by the hen.

Warning: Anyone can come and snatch your hen! On the Clucking Machine page there's a "Chicken Detector" which will show you who has had a hen for too long! You've got to play this one strategically, friends.

Got badges?


- For a stolen hen, you unlock the "Chicken Thief" badge.

- If you find the 10 hidden golden eggs, you unlock the "Omelette Master" badge.

These are two exclusive badges, unlockable only during the contest period. (But you may have the opportunity to try again next year at the same time.)

What do we win? Is it true that there's a smartphone and 10,000 bucks?

Yes, it's true, and it's not a Nokia 3310 we found in Alan's attic.

- If you get 4 golden eggs on the Clucking Machine, you are automatically signed up for the final drawing which may win you an iPhone 7. You will also be entered in a daily drawing to win an FML mug!

- If you get 4 silver eggs, you will be registered for the daily draw to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

- For 4 bronze eggs, you are registered for the daily drawing to win an FML mug.

- For 4 broken eggs, well... you're given 4 fresh eggs, allowing you to replay at the Clucking Machine!

The contest starts right now (Wednesday, April 12th), and will end at midnight on Sunday, April 30th, so it's time to get cracking! (See what I did there?)

We good?



UPDATE 1: No, you will not get a golden egg for commenting on this article.

UPDATE 2: No, making your profile private will not keep others from stealing the chicken. There's still a button on the "this account is private" page. Nice try, though.

UPDATE 3 / HINT: It may or may not be in your best interest to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Not a requirement at all... just a suggestion. Wink.

UPDATE 4: In case any of you are new and confused, I'm Cali (self-proclaimed best community manager in the history of FMyLife). Feel free to message me with questions, complaints, compliments, etc. ☺︎



You guys really came out in force and quite frankly surprised us with such great response! In thanks, Fleox (our tech lead) has decided to spice up the game a bit! The changes are as follows:

The Bonus Box - This little box spins at the same time as the Clucking Machine each time you use an egg to play. It will either multiply the points you receive, or give you a snake (no bonus points). (I thought the snake should steal eggs back, but Fleox thought that was too mean. He's cute.)

Daily Bonus Eggs - We initially planned to give each player a daily gift of 10 eggs, but Fleox and Philip have decided to alter that a bit to help out the poor noobs that come into the competition late. The new daily gifts will be given according to the player's score:

  • 0-2000 points gets 30 bonus eggs
  • 2000-4000 points gets 10 bonus eggs
  • 4000+ points gets 0 bonus eggs

We realize this is bad news for anyone approaching a score of 4000 (looking at you, asm0dea) but you guys already so far ahead of those that will advantage from this change that you really needn't worry. Just keep playing and having fun on the site! Unless you don't want to. We can't keep you here against your will.
Nope, Fleox says we can't.

Egg Limit - This is to keep you sneaky hoarders from secretly sitting on a mountain of eggs. You can hold onto a maximum of 100 eggs. Your egg baskets can't be infinite, people. Can you even imagine carrying around a basket of 100 eggs? That's just irresponsible. Cash them in, people. Especially if you want to have enough room for your bonus eggs the next day!

That's all for now, folks.

As always, feel free to message me, Cali, with any questions / issues / compliments. (I prefer compliments, in case you're wondering.)

Have fun! ♡

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Top comments
  Cali  |  51

We found the problem! It's because you created your account today... Fleox (our tech lead) just fixed it. Thanks for your patience!

By  Dave_Davington  |  30

From the rules (emphasis mine).

This competition, entitled "The Clucking Machine", is open to all persons RESIDING IN THE USA, with access to the Internet and with an e-mail address, with the exception of employees of Beta & Cie, of the companies or shareholders of Beta & Cie and their direct family living under the same roof and with the exception of members of the IT companies providing services to Beta & Cie.

So, are us Yankee-ally challenged folks able to actually claim any prizes we may or may not win?

  Cali  |  51

Sorry, Dave_Davington. If a non-American crushes the competition it's possible that we'd give them a prize, but we can't guarantee it. For legal reasons it's just too complicated to make it official in multiple countries. Do it for the glory?

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