McDonald’s Is Now Doing Valentine’s Day Meals So Single People Really Have No Escape From The Pain

Now you can’t even eat the pain of the loneliness away with greasy french fries. FML.

A day of kissing, hand-holding, and general coupling. There are red and pink craft hearts everywhere and people are giddy and greeting card companies are making a fortune. But another very important part of the festivities that cannot go ignored are the bitter single people who are feeling like total crap on this day. And where do people normally eat when they feel like crap? That’s right, Micky D’s.

A McDonald’s in Newcastle, England has just taken that opportunity away from the single people of the town by offering a Valentine’s day menu for two for just £20.

On the upside, for couples: If you’re in that area, the pressure is off. No more calling every restaurant within a 50 mile radius and offering vital organs in exchange for a table for two. Now, one can set their expectations to a happy meal and let’s be real, they don’t call it a happy meal for nothing. You’re not disappointed (until about 15 minutes later when you regret everything and you’re seriously questioning your life choices.)

The McDonald’s itself has really gotten into the V-day spirit, writing on Facebook: "Hello, is it me you're looking for? That's right, McValentine's dreams really do come true.
Email us to look at our menu or to book your table now to avoid destroying your chances of real 'couple goals' this McValentine's Day."

By Nadine / Monday 12 February 2018 15:39 / France
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Top comments
  campdude90  |  15

I checked myself in to the Hilton and went down the street to the steakhouse. Hotel had a $10 coupon... ironically, I only live three minutes away.... Then had wine and went on tinder lmao

By  rubberduck_of_doom  |  31

No yeah, you're right. I'm single that must mean I'm depressed and sad and lonely and my life is worthless. All my achievements and all the good things in my life count for nothing because I'm not in a relationship!!!! Even when I'm happy, I'm not really happy!! I'm never really happy! ... because I'm not in a relationship... OMG Thank you for showing me how really, truly depressed I am -.- ....

By  Slim87R  |  7

Only one reason I can think of that would prompt someone to take their significant other to McDonald's on Valentine's day: you want to break up but don't know how.