Man Ignites Home Trying To Burn Spiders

Here we go again...

No, we're not stuttering. This is yet another actual real-life story about someone lighting their house on fire while trying to vanquish the spider hordes.


Firefighters in Fresno, California responded to reports of a house fire in a housing development on Tuesday night. The man who set the blaze by accident managed to safely escape the home, where he was housesitting for his parents, and make a call for help. He told the firefighters of the Fresno Fire Department that the fire started after he'd found a few black widow spiders inside the home and tried to kill them with a blowtorch.


Fortunately, there were no injuries reported and the home was not completely destroyed, though the fire did damage the attic and second story. No word yet on whether or not the spiders made it.


We know we've reported on similar stories in the past, but people clearly aren't learning their lesson, so let's turn this into a teachable moment. Internet jokes about "killing it with fire" are just that: jokes. Fire should never be used as insect repellant. Let that sink in.



We good now? No more of this mayhem and foolishness, please. Just buy some Raid or something.

By Gloria Borger / Thursday 25 October 2018 16:45 / United States
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By  bubona  |  5

They should have used locktite adhesive spray to hold them in place. Probably waiving the blow torch around like a maniac while chasing them.