Man Googles ‘How to Rob A Bank’ Before Robbing A Bank...And Getting Arrested

Bail has been set at $100,000 for a Florida man who’s been booked for robbing a bank, after literally googling how to do it. Unfortunately for him, the heist ended up being an FML. I guess Google isn’t the best place to learn how to commit a crime.

For many, Google is the first place they turn when they need to know something. The etymology of the word ‘doohicky,’ what actor played Wormtail in the Harry Potter series, the proper ratio of water to quinoa, what a badger looks like with glasses on: these are all things I’ve googled in the last week. It’s a wonderful tool to help you learn literally anything your want, including robbery.

That’s what 26-year-old William Joe Johnson of Pinellas, Florida was doing before putting his newly learned skills into action at Achieva Credit Union.

Someone was feeling lucky.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Johnson was desperate for money so he googled ‘how to rob a bank,’ before actually robbing a bank on the morning of Thursday October 5th.

He walked into the bank at around 11am, approached the bank teller and implied he had a gun before demanding her to give him cash. The amount he got away with is unknown, but it was enough to cover his rent, utilities, and a drug binge.

In fact, when you google ‘how to rob a bank,’ the first result that comes up is a pretty straightforward how-to written, surprisingly enough, by a seasoned bank-robber, which must have been what Johnson read because their processes are pretty much the same.


The only difference is that the seasoned-bank robber never got caught (though he did eventually turn himself in), whereas Johnson was found and arrested at the Express Inn on Monday.

With bail set at $100,000 we’ll have to see if a friend or family member can come up with that or if they’ll have to try robbing a bank themselves.

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By  Esoluoy  |  10

Don't blame google here... of course they are forced to give information to police authorities, they can get info out of anyone. It's his fault after all for not looking up how to hide his ip and location and other stuff to protect himself. Retards always get caught