Man Falls for Gas Station Megaphone Prank (VIDEO)

Think you'll stop for a quick fill-up? Think again if these guys are around!

Do you remember when pranks didn't involve creepy youtubers kissing and groping random people (often paid actors) or picking fights with strangers (it's just a prank bro)? FML remembers, and these lads do too. We'll let them show you themselves.

In case the video (Credit: UNILAD) doesn't load, you have dangerously low data, or you just prefer reading because you totally should've been born in like 1915, I'll set the scene for you now.


We open on a moderately-sized gas station somewhere in the UK. There are 12 pumps, about a third of them occupied, when we hear what sounds like a loudspeaker announcement advising the gentleman who just pulled up to pump 5 that it's in fact out of order. Then we hear giggling close to the camera.


Where are we? We're in a row of shrubbery overlooking the gas station. It becomes apparent that we're in a group of mischievous jokers, one of whom has a megaphone. Remember the bloke from pump 5? Each time he gets back in his car, pulls up to another pump, and gets out to start refueling, another announcement is made. Finally, he gives up and enters the station itself, presumably to have a word with the staff. End scene.


Surely this was frustrating for the victim - he tried 4 different pumps before finally giving in - but I say no harm no foul. Unless he's missing an important appointment, and he doesn't seem to be in a hurry, there's no problem to me!


Now it's time for your thoughts. Was this a fun innocent prank or was it a cheap waste of a man's valuable time? Was it somewhere in between the two? What would you do if this happened to you?

By Gloria Borger / Monday 17 September 2018 16:03 /
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