Like Starter Packs? Here's an Arbitrary Amount of Stopper Packs!

Everyone has seen Starter Packs floating around the Internet. Surreal humour fans create Stopper Packs, which push the concept even further.

What on Earth are Stopper Packs?!

They're all variations on the Starter Pack, but with a wonderfully surreal and absurd twist. All of the ones below were found on Reddit (where else?). Check out the Stopper Pack sub for more of these, because these were just stolen and compiled from that deliciously niche corner of the Internet by me. What's it got to do with FML? Nothing, except that people will probably moan in the comments that they don't get the point, the jokes or what is love, baby don't hurt me, don't me, no more.


Be warned: If surreal humour isn't your thing, stop reading now.


Now that you've been warned, let's begin.


1 - Brands


2 - Science


3 - Smells


4 - Depression


5 - Passwords


6 - Drivers


7 - Furbys


8 - Friendzoners


9 - Elephants


10 - Coworkers


11 - Springbreakers


12 - Dinners


13 - Dudes


14 - Binoculars


15 - Bad days


16 - Baby showers


17 - Traffic


18 - Canaries

That's that done.

We hope you enjoyed this bunch of nonsense. If you had trouble viewing them because you were on a mobile phone, try checking them out on a computer like your mum did. Yes, I wrote "mum" and not "mom" because I'm from Bristol in the UK. See you soon for another round up of weird stuff from the Internet that I stole. Actual love to you all, and be excellent to each other.

By Alan / Monday 13 May 2019 09:50 /
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