By Peter - United States - Boca Raton

Liar liar, poop on fire

Today, I was working at the restaurant where I wash dishes. Everyone thinks I'm a tech intern. My buddy Go Synco-ed me and so I had to capture whatever I was doing at the moment. I ran to the restroom, took my tee off and took a pic, stating, "I'm at home taking a shower." There was a guy behind me pooping. FML
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yes it does, he is embarrassed that he is a dish washer and tells people he works in tech. He git "Go Synco-ed" and had to take a picture of what he was doing right in the moment but he cant because he was washing dishes and dosent want people to know what he actually does for work, so he ran to the bathroom to make it seem like he was showering this led to him taking the picture with a man taking a poo in the background.

  Colon_Man  |  17

So, I could hit "Go synched" with, say, Kirsten Dunst, and she has to send me a pic of what she's doing?


[An hour, later: "I need bail money..."]

By  Randomness911  |  12

Fyl cuz you lied to everyone. Are you even being honest in this post??
Also GoSynco is an ap where a friend takes a pic and you have 5 mins to take a 'real' pic, then the ap sends out a group collage of everyone's pic.

By  faifai_fml  |  21

I can understand the lying when you're embarrassed about what you really do. Maybe you had big dreams when you went to college, and then you discovered that the real world job market is tanked, and now you're stuck. I'm sorry. That's happened to a lot of people. But maybe next time you'll realise that you don't need to jump on every single bandwagon idea that gets passed around, and just ignore your cell phone? You didn't HAVE to get a topless picture of yourself.