Justin Bieber tries to seduce a girl on Instagram, she rejects him… but does it seem too good to be true?

Here at FML, we're a cynical bunch. We're all for popstars having their own FMLs, and making total asses of themselves, because it makes them seem human, and us seem less like dweebs. So, is this story of love at first sight true or…a marketing ploy?

Unlucky in love, or just terrible at Instagram?

A woman named Jessica Gober has claimed that Justin Bieber contacted the Savannah gym where she works at after he saw her on its Instagram page. She tweeted on Wednesday: "Did this actually just happen... lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF?"

WTF indeed.

Anyone who writes like that deserves to be overlooked in our opinion but looking at the pictures in question, she's seen to be hold a brand of drink, which we won't name because the cynics that we are could speculate that this is just an exercise in getting that brand name out there. 

I've got everything I need right here, she tweeted afterwards :

We're guessing she means the guy she's posing unconvincingly with.

Maxim have reported Jessica is 22 years old and manages the front desk at the gym, as well as working as a trainer there. That's that sorted then. 

It's not the first time Justin has used Instagram to creep/endorse people

In December 2015 he posted a photo of a girl who'd caught his eye along with the caption, "OMG who is this!!" She was a model living in Spain, and if I'd done something like that, I'd have got no response because I'm not a pop star and I put question marks when needed and not exclamation points. We're not sure if he got anywhere with her, either. But that was maybe probably, treading lightly on dodgy libel grounds here, a way to raise her profile too. Justin Bieber doesn't need to resort to this sort of tactic to get women. Does he?

If it's this hard for someone like him, what chance have the rest of us got?

By Alan / Monday 14 August 2017 16:16 /
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Top comments
  pjsr  |  32

There's this new thing called the internets. You can type in a word and it will direct you to thousands of things called 'sites' that tell you more about that word.

By  jfsiv  |  17

I imagine the Biebs is just like the rest of us, scrolling through pictures. only when he asks who some hot chick is, it gets blown all out of proportion. At least I bet her boyfriend feels pretty good about himself right now.

By  Neror  |  13

"WTF" I know what you mean. You're right, anyone who uses initializations like that does deserve to be overlooked. You make a good point, FML.