Just 34 Stock Photos that Make Absolutely No Sense

There are stock photos for literally every imaginable situation, and even for ones you could never possibly imagine. I’m torn as to whether these stock photos are more of an FML for the people in them or for the people using them. You be the judge.

The internet loves stock photos. There are certain classics that we’ve all come to know and love, like Hide-the-Pain-Harold, women laughing alone with salad, and PornHub comments on stock photos.

But, guys, there are so many more stock photos out there that need to be addressed.

Take a gander, eh? And ponder the fact that real people put themselves into these situations. And what’s more, there are people out there that are looking for photos exactly like these. For people in both situations, I’m sorry.

1. What does it mean if you dream of teeth in the place of your eyes?

2. Wow! He’s got your eyes! And your smile! And your five o'clock shadow?

3. Looks like this doc got his MD at FML University.

4. That’s my fetish.

5. No, actually, THAT’S my fetish.

6. Wait, actually THIS is my fetish.

7. No, hold up. My real fetish:

8. He said NO BUBBLES.

9. Life at the co-op.

10. How do you want your cabbage prepared: chopped, shredded, julienned, or shot?

11. Even the fish is confused.

12. Watermelon Man. The lamest superhero ever.

13. Bitch better have my biracial butt bucks.

14. Oh you said don’t lick the cactus? Just watch me.

15. Enticing offer. I think I’ll pass though.

16. Just what I needed for my mythical animal blog.

17. Now I’m not sure what you’re used to at Red Lobster, but this is a five-star establishment, Carol. We use serving platters, not human faces.

18. Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up. Yum.

19. That corn dog upsets me too, Mark.

20. Shutterstock preparing for the second coming in the 21st century.

21. Few people know that Benjamin Button was actually hatched from an egg.

22. But if I use my hands, how will I maintain this casual position?

23. Now kiss.

24. And that’s how babies are made.

25. She’s a fiend for celery. But, I mean, who isn’t?

26. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t jealous of this dude.

27. The prettiest ballerina.

28. The doctor will join you shortly in the open field behind the hospital.

29. I’ve had enough of the damn cheek-pinching.

30. Pooping: am I doing it right?

31. The most glorious package he’s ever seen.

32. It was Mrs. Peacock in the garden with the garden shears. She was never good at housework.

33. If we ignore the situation here, we see the real FML: wtf is going on with your hair, Lois?

34. And to top it off, a classic: courtesey of the pool boy.

By Nina / Monday 14 August 2017 17:44 / France
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Well done sir ?? #dadjokeoftheyear