Jimmy Kimmel Asked People To Name Any Country On A Map And The Result Is Horrifying

FML, America. What is going on with our educational system?

Usually, when we write about a Jimmy, it's for Jimmy Fallon's hashtag challenges that we get our hilarious tweet lists from. This time, however, it's for something entirely different from a different Jimmy. (Though still hilarious, a bit FML-ier than normal.)

"We asked people to name a country on the map. That's it. We had a map, we said 'name a country. Any country.'"  Kimmel said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Seems simple enough, right? Well, one would think. Check out the full video below, but be prepared for (hopefully) a ton of face-palming. And if you aren't face-palming, we recommend you invest in a globe or a map. or both.

Shout out to the woman who has to keep repeating "No. That's a continent." You the real MVP.

By Nadine / Monday 23 July 2018 17:17 /
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  julfunky  |  29

I took AP geography in 9th grade. I aced every single map test (we were given an area and told to name every country). When I mean aced I mean I only ever got two countries mixed up — two countries out of the entire world.

Give me a map and I’ll probably do just as well as most of these people. Why? School is about memorization, which eventually fades. Most people are bound to forget information they rarely ever use.

  tracytigress  |  1

Even that is not an excuse to not knowing where your own damn country is on the map. You would think americans would at least know that and Canada, if nothing else.

By  Callyn  |  47

These people are dumb, but they asked dozens, maybe hundreds of people this question. It's a comedy show, they're only going to show the ones that fit the premise.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

OMG I'm not proud to be an American when it comes to the education system... or health care system. If teachers weren't always bitching about making too little money and actually teaching, I bet they'd get the raises they want AND kids would know more. Imagine the possibilities!