Japanese Man Marries Anime Character

I now pronounce you man and hologram!

Do you struggle in the dating world? Is the opposite sex making things difficult for you? Have no fear, holograms are here!


That's the solution for Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old school administrator from Tokyo, Japan. Kondo has troubled history with dating and women, even getting bullied by them in a former job. Fortunately for him, the virtual world provided him the companionship and comfort that the real world could not. Meet his lovely lady, Hatsune Miku!



She's an entirely virtual (not based on a real person) singer and "performs" at sold-out concerts in cities around the world as an on-stage hologram. Kondo says he loves the concept of Hatsune Miku, but is in love with the $2,800 hologram of her that lives in a little machine in his home.


Unfortunately, a hologram can't wear a ring, so he had to do his marriage ceremony with a basketball-sized plush toy of Hatsune Miku. His mother and family didn't show up to support his strange nuptuals, but there were still 40 guests in attendance. The marriage is not legally recognized, but that doesn't matter to Kondo.


"It won’t necessarily make you happy to be bound to the ‘template’ of happiness in which a man and woman marry and bear children. I believe we must consider all kinds of love and all kinds of happiness." -Akihiko Kondo with The Japan Times


In any case, Gatebox, the company that produces the hologram devices, issued a marriage certificate that certifies that the human and virtual character have married "beyond dimensions".


We'll deal with the fact that Hatsune Miku is supposed to be a 16-year-old some other day.


By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 14 November 2018 10:26 / United States
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By  Takegami  |  22

This has happened before. Being a Connoisseur of anime I can say with confidence: anime
Girls will always be cuter than real girls, but real girls are REAL. Case closed