It's Tweet Time! Here Are The 18 Best Tweets From This Past Week.

With another Monday just around the corner, we knew you'd be needing a good laugh. Here are the funniest tweets from this past week. Enjoy!


1. You live and you learn.

2. Same.

3. Relationship goals.

4. Oh shiiiit

5. Guilty.

6. no no no, no no noooo stick to the stuff you knooooow

7. They be talkin mad shit

8. If this isn't the most accurate thing ever

9. Celebrity children's names got me shook.

10. When you watch too much porn:

11. Dating:


13. This one specific lizard>everyone

14. How dare he be with anyone else, ever

15. True.

16. ....Really how is this any different than a plane!?

17. "WE DA BEST"

18. Art inspiration.

By Nadine / Friday 13 July 2018 16:58 / France
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