It's Towel Day! And We're Taking That Literally, So Here Are 17 FMLs About Towels!

By Nadine / vendredi 25 mai 2018 05:30
We know that it's a Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy thing, but believe it or not, there are FML-a-plenty about towels. See for yourself below.

1. Time to own watcha got and strut the runway. 

2. Oh, you're welcome.

3. The YDI of all YDI's.

4. Thank you for the imagry. 

5. Chicken is dangerous!

6. Looking for a natural glow? Try Red Ant Towels!


8. ...And even if he did. Still gross.

9. Lawd grant me the confidence that old people have about being nude.

By Anonymous - / Saturday 13 February 2016 07:45 / Australia - College Park

10. What is this, Cinderella?

11. He's Just Not That Into You.

By Anonymous - / Wednesday 18 November 2015 11:40 / Austria - Vienna

12. Um, is your dog OK? Never has a follow up been more necessary.

13. Like the 6 year old did, except, she's a grown ass adult.

14. Burn the house down and move out. It's the only solution. 

By terrified / Monday 8 June 2015 03:13 / United States - Union Star

15. Congratulations on being a grandma!

16. Rip it off like a bandaid. 

17. Your brother has a spicy sex life. 

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