It's International Dog Day! Woof woof 15 FML woof woof woof FML FML woof!

On FML, there's quite a lot of stories concerning our canine friends. Dogs are everywhere, and we love them because they're man's best friend. Well, they're supposed to be. In this round up of dog-related FMLs, pictures and various videos, we could be mistaking them for the bane of our existence.

FML, breeder of champions since 2009

Us nerds here at FML love dogs, as well as stories involving dogs. It always ends up making us feel sad about the fact that we live in tiny apartments, with not enough room to house a big old hound. Yes, we could move out into the countryside, get a garden, and raise Daschunds, but we can't make that move right now. On with the dog show!

1 - The gassy dogs

Dancing dogs is a thing: 

2 - They've formed gangs

Dogs are strange creatures, halfway between ponies and cats.


3 - Dogs with jobs was an actual TV show

Dog is man's best friend, but not necessarily his kid's.


4 - Is it a bird...?

Even amongst themselves they can be pretty shitty.


5 - It's always in the last place you'd think to look

Dogs and cats CAN get along. When it's dogs and kittens, expect a cuteness overload.

6 - It's a basic, serious question (for some people).

Dogs have been living alongside mankind for ages, but some people still don't want them hovering around the dinner table. Can't see why.

7 - Thanks dude, great help!

Is it still hot outside? Time to go out into the garden! Dogs can open the spigot themselves it seems.

8 - Dogs are wankers

They have no sense of decency or decorum sometimes:

9 - Here's more proof:

Dogs can be collected, but you need ample storage space:

10 - Nothing wrong with snuggling

What's great about dogs is that they're almost always happy to see you:

11 - They don't eat the same food either:

Dogs are quick, clever and sharp:

12 - That's just… wrong:

They are terribly smart:

13 - Dogs and their owners…

You have to walk your dogs all the time, because they need to burn off that extra energy:

14 - The dog is always faithful:

If you see your dog doing this, it's FML time for the carpet:

15 - Some owners are quite connected to their dogs. Or not:

That's it for this year. We hope next year's Internation Dog Day will be just as good for our furry friends!

Until then, may your fur be shiny, your paws clean and your snout be moist.

By Dogbowl / Tuesday 22 August 2017 17:07 /
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