If You Were Confused By The Enormous Response to BTS at the AMAs Yesterday, You’re Officially No Longer Young And Hip

...Like us, don’t worry. Just when you thought award shows were going out of style, K-pop came along and revived them. If this fact is as new to you as it is to us, there’s a good that you’re turning into a dorky grandma.

The K-pop storm has been rising for years now, taking over one country at a time and if America’s love for it was unclear before, it is widely known now. But if you’re like, “wait, what? Where did this come from?” don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’re just officially lame.

Last night the AMAs were held in Los Angeles and all anyone can talk about now is BTS, a K-pop group who performed their hit song ‘DNA’ and received one of the craziest performance responses of the award show’s history.

Look at this. This entire internet was talking about them last night.

To say that BTS is popular is a vast understatement. They are a sensation. A marvel. A world-conquering group of 7 guys, that like many people, I had never heard of or seen before this week. And it’s got me wondering: Am I out of the loop?

The answer is “well, duh.” The AMAs are the pinnacle of pop, so if you’re not familiar with the group that literally dominated the AMAs, it’s a sign. You’re turning into your dorky uncle who busts out the guitar every year at Thanksgiving and starts doing a horribly cringe-worthy cover of something like ‘Hotline Bling’ because he wants to connect with the youth.

The good news is you’re not alone. Plenty of people on Twitter are just as confused as you. So for reassurance, here are a bunch of other culturally-confused people like you and me:

Growing their fanbase

How mom of her.

Catching the wave.

Don't know what "one of those pre-puberty things is" but probably, yeah.

Can I join the club?

Idk who the fuck they are either, sis.

We are all this woman right now.

We’ve officially aged out of cool, guys. I guess the BTS ARMY can take over from here. We might as well just resign to our rocking chairs now.  

By Nina / Monday 20 November 2017 14:08 / France
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