If You Hate Spoilers, You’ll Love These 10 FMLs About Times People Getting Spoiled, A Real Tragedy

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 is out on Netflix today and while we at FML are all stoked, we’re treading lightly around the internet so as to avoid spoilers, one of life’s ultimate FMLs. In that spirit, here are 10 FMLs about times series, movies, even books, were spoiled by some asshole.

1. Wait, this is biographical?

2. Great way to lose my money. I no longer need this...NOW THAT YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING.

3. With an attitude like that, maybe she deserves to be spoiled.

4. Why you gotta go an do dat?

5. You didn’t just spoil the movie, you spoiled her innocence.

6. I guess the spoiler is okay if you just saved the entire class some extra reading.

7. As a parting gift, you should tell him everything that happens.

8. Bad friend.

9. You know there are other people in here right?

10. Dude!!?! What if we’ve never seen TS3? Now you’ve spoiled it for us!

By Nina / Friday 27 October 2017 16:59 /
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