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By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

Dude if you weren’t sure ask to see her ID.

By  WeirdUS  |  27

Yeah it’s 18 and you shouldn’t be going after someone in three years younger than you big difference emotionally at that age and why would you potentially risk being labeled a pedophile? YDI.

By  simmpandher  |  24

Again, a news story about a case similar to this was on the DailyMail. Guy was 27 and girl posed as 19. He performed a sex act on her and then took a picture, sent it to his friend stating that he banged her "unreal bod". Come to find out, she's actually 12 and hes now in jail. He didn't know and wasn't looking to mess around with a 12-year old but the fact that he exposed her says enough about his character.

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  15

i have actually been in this situation before with a girl who lied about her age and her parents found out about us. The courts dismissed it because everything between us was concentual and we were within 5 years of eachothers age.try to get her to fight on your side in court, all you need her to do is say it was concentual and you should get off without statutory rape charges ect.

By  sisoladra  |  17

if she text u her "age" when u guys were talking make sure u still have those texts so u can show that to ur knowledge she was 16 and show the conversation as proof.

  Mungolikecandy  |  17

No, he thinks with it.