By TheLastGreatDope - 20/02/2018 23:00 - United States - Winchester

Today, I received a random message on a dating app. It was the girl I'd always wanted to marry, but who disappeared from my life when we were younger. She went on and on about how much she missed me... and how much she wanted me to meet her husband and 3 kids. FML
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What is she doing on a dating app?

boopingsnoot 24

Maybe they're in an open relationship?


What is she doing on a dating app?

boopingsnoot 24

Maybe they're in an open relationship?

Even then, one usually doesn’t get the kids involved in the swinging.

Disque98 7

richard, maybe they are in a very weird open relationship

Lobby_Bee 17

She wants you to babysit or a threesome.

Maybe that's what the plan is. She shows you a mirror and says "that's my husband" and then she'll say "OK now let's make 3 children!" She's probably thought their names too.

If anything, that's even worse.

WeirdUS 29

In the last couple years, I've seen more people using dating sites for finding friends or for hookups than actual dating.

chubbear 14

Yeah, that's all I ran into when I was on dating apps. A bunch of nasty abusive picks who just want sex, girls trying to get another girl to mess with their boyfriends, or people looking for friends :/

Irony. You just can't help but love it. Hunny, personally, I suggest to go all-in, and let the cards come as they may. Invite the possibilities. It could only be negative if you allow it to be. Meet her husband and children. Maybe you will love them as well. Or, maybe you will realize that she is not the girl you really wanted to marry, and will no longer be pining away for her. Or, she will reaffirm for you exactly what kind of woman you truly want, and will know, with surety, when the one meant for you crosses your path (or even already there). Or, well...... there many more possibles. I am sure her invitation is truly innocent, and given with love. At least see that, if nothing else. (Sorry everyone! for being so ****** positive. 😬)

So what's wrong with that? Except still hanging onto some really old silly teen feelings?

sometimes teen feelings turn into adult feelings and truly never go away

Maybe they're swingers or into some kind of couple's kink? I mean, if you ran into this person and reconnected over something like Facebook or LinkedIn or something... but she ran into you on a dating site, and now wants you to meet her husband? You might want to inquire. And if they're not in an open relationship, I'd keep in mind, as others have mentioned, you met on a dating app and she is married. You could be stepping into some drama. Having said all that, maybe she just wants to be friends? Men and women can be friends.

rain 5

wait, why is she on a dating app?