“I Hereby Ban All Heterosexuals From Entering Our Town.”: This is What Happens When a YouTuber Becomes Mayor of Actual Hell

Elijah Daniel spent two days calling town halls across the United States to find a town where he could be mayor. And he succeeded…in Hell. The city in Michigan, that is.

The American Dream

According to the fellows at Huffington Post, after two days calling around the country, Elijah Daniel found a town that agreed to have him as mayor. So for the meager sum of $100, the 23-year old Internet star, flew to his new sovereignty, the town of Hell, Michigan. It’s a small community with a population of 260 and a desperate need for a mayor. A job that not one person had applied for.

Strict Measures 

Daniel, best known for writing a gay erotic novel about Donald Trump, decided to bring his penchant for political satire into his new office, this time banning an entire population from his new dominion. Sound familiar?

“Growing up, I was always told that homosexuals would go to Hell, now the heterosexuals are trying to take this form us too,” he says in his Heterosexual Ban, which is exactly what it sounds like.

As it turns out, not everyone was keen on the joke, particularly the town’s new slogan, “Make Hell Gay Again.” And just like that, within one hour of publishing his decree on Twitter, he was stripped of his title and powers, setting up the perfect punchline to his elaborate joke:

You can find out more about the former-politician on his YouTube channel, Elijah & Christine, etc.

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By  but why  |  16

WHY? Just why? I get that he is trying to fight against anti-gay prejudice, but DOING THE SAME BAD THINGS WILL NOT SOLVE THE BLOODY PROBLEM! Two wrongs do NOT make a right!