By - 3/2/2020 20:00

I did it

  Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex. Everything was going great until I noticed a small blinking light on my shelf. It turns out that it was a camera. My mom put it there to make sure I cleaned my room. She saw the whole thing. FML
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By  GamerChickxoxo  |  15

filming an individual without consent x2
filming a sexual act without consent (Voyeurism x1)
if your under 18 there could be a child porn charge thrown in.
your probably not wanting to get her in legal trouble, but use this to blackmail the shit out of her whenever you really need something.

By  E2dav  |  5

Surely your mother knew your gf stayed over sometimes? And it wouldn't have baan a live recording. So you could delete it and remove the camera. I smell bs on this one.


Guess you've never heard of live feed. It's simple, it uses your houses wifi to feed the video directly to a computer or cellphone. 90% of security cameras are like that now. Nanny Cams can also be like that.

By  mfranks19891989  |  10

You have a 50/50 shot with this, if the camera is not wireless then you might be able to delete the video and your mom won’t see the video. If she did see the video then ask her for some tips to improve your sex life based on what she saw