Husband Uses “Choreplay” To Seduce Wife, All Women Of The Internet Fall In Love

Having to do housework at all is never preferable. For most, it’s usually just that thing you have to rush to get done before your guests arrive. This man, however, managed to turn his remedial everyday chores into something that could spice up his life in the bedroom.
My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on. from r/funny

Just call him Mr. Mom, or some other vaguely sexist pseudonym for man who does housework. The act of tidying up the house while your significant other is at work would make most anyone happy, and isn’t really much to write home about. However, it’s the accompanied photoshoot that went above and beyond.  Reddit user Dirty-ol-Slob made his wife a very happy woman when he decided to send her photos of himself doing chores around the house, coining the term “Choreplay” and changing the game for men everywhere. 

"The only thing I accomplished was making her and all her coworkers she showed the texts to laugh at how dumb I am.... and getting a clean house," writes Reddit user Dirty Ol Slob when his post started to gain traction on r/funnny.

Despite his humility, the women of the internet were quick to comment:

She's totally humble-bragging!

The perfect package.

At least he has back up options if it doesn't work out?

According to Dirty ol Slob, the pictures still didn't get him laid. So, it's back to the drawing board for him. Unless he'd like to take any of the ladies from his new-found fanclub out on a date, it looks like he'll be scrubbing toilets until his wife can see her reflection in them before he's getting any. 
By Nadine / Thursday 1 February 2018 17:22 /
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