How Well Can You Spell?

U been txting 4 yrs... Can you remember how to spell these common words?

The auditorium is full and bright lights are shining in your eyes. You start to sweat. Next word? Antidisestablishmentarianism. FML.

Fortunately for you, this quiz is much easier. (If the FML team can do it, anyone can.) Good luck!


By Cali / Thursday 15 June 2017 14:41 / USA
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By  mike3775  |  33

Perfect score. Calendar and Cemetery used to always get me in school, until my 4th grade teacher made me write them out a hundred times whenever I misspelled them.

By  KereKris  |  25

If it is true that most Americans cannot spell these words, then I weep for America... English is not even my first language and this was a piece of cake. I really hope the title is somewhat exaggerated. (Can Americans spell that last one?)

  mike3775  |  33

Lately it seems to be true on some of them. In college, I was amazed at how bad spelling has gotten, and sadly, I really do not see it improving much, considering many are too stupid to use spell check on their phones and computers.