How To: Image FMLs

What are they? A creative gold mine, that's what. Read on to learn how easy it is to submit your own FMLs with images!

We're going to break this down into 3 simple steps. It's super easy, promise. Have you already submitted FMLs in the past? Congrats- you're already 66.66666% there!

Step 1

See the "Submit Your FML" button at the top of the page? Click it, friend. You'll see a beautiful bubbly page patiently awaiting your hilarious life stories. 

You've probably done this all before, right? Wrong. It's time for the game-changer already! 

Step 2

Look at the top right of the submission box. See the word "Classic" ("Text" on the apps)? Screw that boring nonsense. Click to change it to "Photo". Woah. Now theres a "Choose Files" button!

Choose that file, man. Select that file. Open that file. With the file's consent, of course. Consent is key!

Step 3

The rest of this should be old hat for you veterans of the submission system. Just fill in the blanks! Got a name? Use it. Don't? Put "Anonymous" instead. Write out that juicy FML (with the appropriate creativity and grammar) and select the best category from the drop down menu. Pick a gender, if you feel so inclined. Add an email address. You do you. It's all gravy, baby.

On our apps it's slightly different but still quite simple: Select the "Photo" option on the submission page, consider anonymity vs fame, click "Write my FML", and you're off!

You'll end up here to give us the scoop:

(Thanks to Alan for the helpful example!)

After a final proud glance at your handiwork, click the "Spill the beans!" button ("Send" on the apps) and...


That's it! Remember us saying there were only 3 steps? We meant it. Have any questions or thoughts? Leave a comment or send me a message!

Your favorite FML employee,


By Cali / Tuesday 21 February 2017 16:46 / France
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