His life seemed dull, so he Photoshopped himself alongside celebrities and pretended to enjoy their lifestyle!

Would you have loved to have a less tedious life than the one you have right now? Is the celebrity lifestyle something you dream of, with it's glamour and red carpets? To make himself feel a part of it, Robert Van Impe, a Belgian comedian and journalist who's a dab hand at Photoshop turned his life around by intruding into situations where he would never usually wind up.

After falling asleep next to stars, and becoming Obama's best friend, Average Rob, whose Instagram page is here, continues his life's work by inserting himself into VIP situations, all via Photoshop.

We can bet that if he keeps it up, he'll be invited to actually meet the stars he's including in his FML lifestyle!

1 - Kim, Kanye and me!

2 - Extra point for the waterwings

3 - We've all dreamt of doing something similar to Justin Bieber


4 - Mom! Dad!

5 - Hey Ellen, check out my party trick!

6 - Alone on Mars 

7 - Spiderunderwear

8 - Rihannaaaaaa, I'm freezing my nuts off!

9 - Justiiiiiiin, gimme a towel! 

10 - Here Dave, dry yourself off mate.

11 - Oi, Mackelmore, get off my motor!

12 - Stranger things squared

13 - Hey honey, must you do the photoshoot right now??

14 - Sorry Jay, I threw up on your car, must've been the tacos I had for lunch…

15 - Lady Gagaaaaaaaa

16 - Good old Barrack! 

17 - Beyoncé… I can hear it move! 

18 - Taytay, I'm not stalking you, I promise 

19 - These guys will adopt anyone

20 - My new Facebook profile photo! Thanks Mark! 

Got any ideas for Photoshops you could do?

Send us your own, if you're as talented, we'd love to see your work.

By Corinne / Monday 2 October 2017 15:10 / France
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