Hilarious live-tweet occurs when a customer tries to return the butternut squash he thought was cheese!

Everything happens at your local grocery store. People scamming the system, people buying weird stuff, but there's also some produce that confuses some poor souls. Check out this FML-by-proxy story!

James Dator, the original instigator

It all started when James Dator went to his local grocery store to buy chicken breasts. Here's where it all went wrong for some dude, who'd confused two clearly labeled items:

As stated, the box was clearly labled. But for those of you who think they wouldn't be able to tell the difference, here's a picture:

OK, so they MIGHT seem similar, if you've forgotten your glasses and you've never seen either produce before in your life, but no. The guy wants to exchange, or at least his money back.

We're thinking that this dude actually thinks that butternut squash IS a kind of cheese. Nah, can't be that simple.

All read the labels before eating stuff, otherwise you'll end up eating urinal cakes, just because there's the word "cake" in the name.

Money back, that's nice. But he keeps on haggling? Not cool at all.

Oh, if it's an emergency then, we'll get right on it sir!

The guy is clearly deranged. Who does this? And why?

Oh goodness, what a great idea. More cooks!

Now it seems he's confusing it with carrots.

That argument was worth the rollercoaster ride.

We can only wonder who this guy is, how he's doing now, and if he's confused other produce before. Like… salt for sugar? A can of pepper spray for a can of Febreze? A bath bomb for an time bomb? I wouldn't like to have this guy for a neighbor!

By Alan / Wednesday 26 July 2017 17:29 /
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