High School Kid Guides His Computer-Clueless Mom Over Text And The Result Is A Hilarious Struggle

If you’ve never tried teaching a “digital immigrant” how to use a computer, imagine a rocket scientist explaining to you how to repair a spacecraft. That’s about how this mom felt when her forgetful teenage son needed help retrieving his English homework. It was an FML for both of them.

TheSmoothieGuy was in deep doo-doo when he showed up at school without having printed his homework assignments. He had no choice other than to reach other to *gasp* his mother and only hope that he could guide her through the process and email him the files he needed.

Honestly, props to this guy’s mom, because what she pulled off was not at all easy over text message. He shared the entire photo-story on imgur and it’s painfully hilarious.

He starts, “So I forgot my logs for English and I'm panicking trying to navigate my mom through my computer, this is what happened.”

And wraps it up with a succint: “I love my mom, but I was so frustrated during this whole conversation lol”

Well, TheSmoothieGuy, I bet you were, but you are goddamn lucky to have a mom who would do that for you.

By Nina / Wednesday 8 November 2017 17:37 /
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  arioch_fml  |  20

It would probably be pretty damn easy to hide anything from her on a computer. throw it into one or two folders, assuming he downloaded stuff and then she'll never be able to find it. XD

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Um.... couldn't he have just gone back home and printed it himself in that time? I mean, it would have taken forever for him to be texting this to his mom anyway (plus, most schools don't even allow you to use a cell phone there). It would have been faster if he'd just gone back home and done it himself (depending on how far away he lives, but if he needed it printed, she'd have to bring it to him anyway, right?).