Here's 16 of FML's Favorite Comedy Wildlife Winners… and Losers!

If you don't find any of these photos vaguely amusing, then you have lost your soul to the dark side, and there's no hope left for you. For the rest of us, let's head over to the Comedy Wildlife Photo website and pick out the most FML pictures of the bunch.

From the past to the present…

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are held once a year, since 2015, on the Comedy Wildlife Photo website. We've gone through them all and picked our favorites. Enjoy!

1 - "Damn, I always forget that step" - © Mohammed Alnaser

2 - "Kid, leave me alone. Go play with your friends or something" © Daisy Gilardini

3 - "SLOW DOWN, DUDE" © Katy Laveck-Foster

4 - Crowdsurfers at music festivals are getting ridiculous © Jean-Jacques Alcalay

5 - "Is this how gravity works?" © Tibor Kercz

6 - "Your mom is staying ALL weekend??" © George Cathcart

7 - One in hole © Douglas Croft

8 - And they say romance is barely alive… © Bence Mate

9 - "GET ME SOME COFFEE" © Mario Fiorucci

10 - "FUCK FUCK FUCK" © Nicolas de Vaulx

11 - "I forgot how to fox" © Angela Bohike

12 - "Thanks dude, really, that was totally necessary" © Tom Stables


14 - "What happened last night? Where am I?" © William Richardson

15 - "I don't know dude, but my head hurts…" © Yuzuru Masuda

16 - "We saw what you two did last night" © Daniel Trim

That's it for today! Maybe we'll be back next year.

By Alan / Tuesday 19 December 2017 12:14 / France
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