Here Are This Week’s 10 Most Hilarious Comments, And Then Some!

If you’re looking for life advice, you’ve come to the right place! In this week’s comments, we’ve got good, bad, and debatable words of wisdom. And as always, we’ve got jokes.

10. This is good advice! Listen to azouwa.

“It's like my dad used to say... before you get married take a nice long look at their family because you'll be stuck with them too. wise man.”


9. This is NOT good advice. Do NOT listen to Dave_Davington. You may laugh at his comment, however.

“Well, you know what they say. When it doubt, whip it out. Words to live by.”


8. Entirely unrelated to the OP’s post, but I approve of this tangent, TheTexanHokage and azouwa.

“Now people, what did we learn?”


            “Drugs are bad. Mkay.”


7. Two words: nice comment. A hug for you, 1gullible_bugger.

“Two words : Meg Griffin”


6. Folks, we should all listen to freckledfox06.

“Rule number one: never trust a fart”


5. Great idea, Glowworm56. If you do this sexually, it’s called dinophilia. You are welcome, everyone, for that fun fact.

“Eh, just roll with it, and pretend you are prehistoric mammal on the brink of extinction.”


4. Solid excuse, chyiochan.

“Proudly announce you're a mummy.”



3. Sending you a virtual high-five, Chris Smith. Lame puns never go unappreciated by me.

“#11. Looks like she's nun-derwater! Thank you thank you I'll be here all week.”

-Chris Smith

2. Well crafted, Lobby_Bee.

“Poor thing was scared shitless.”


1. Indeed he does, pjsr!

“That man takes the Neighborhood Watch program seriously!”


But wait! There’s more!

Heartwarming Comment Award

Because FML isn’t only for laughing. Its for building others back up when they’re down too! Glimmer980 gets it.

“Hey I just wanted to tell you that you will find friends and people who will like and love you for you. I know finding that courage to tell someone was hard and I hope you can find it again someday. Not everyone will be a jerk like that. Some people will actually take the time to understand and learn.”


Gross Comment Award

Because this comment made us all say, “gahh, really man?” Entertaining, but unnecessary, Talented73.

“Tell her, 'I've got a hot dog right here for you -- and it makes its own sauce!'”


Pander Pen

Now THAT is the right way to pander. You get me, RichardPencil.

“Sounds like a ... wait on it ... _____ situation. A intestinal bacterial public health hazard situation, that is.”


*I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “sounds like a shitty situation” comments are NOT. FUNNY. Have some integrity, sheesh.


Because this comment thread was a little unexpected treat! Here are a few of my favorites pulled from the thread by xoxoblondee, chyiochan, and BiGTiMeNeRd! Click on the FML to real the whole thread!

“duck him. you just need to cut goose and let yourself free. don't let him be Robin anything from you. don't be emu about it!”


“This guy ducks.”


“Relax, it's just a wisequack.”


By Nina / Friday 18 August 2017 15:11 / France
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