Here Are This Week's 10 Best Comments!

In this week’s comment countdown, we’ve got gross insects, beautiful poetry, and as always, some witty wordplay. Come check them out if you need a good laugh!

It’s been awhile since I’ve reminded you guys about the hugging policy, which is not a real policy, as much as a nice suggestion. If you see a comment that you find particularly worthy, click on the commenter’s username in the caption and give them a hug!

Everybody loves hugs! And before you chime in to say that you’re one of the few crazy people who do not like hugs, let me remind you that this is the internet and virtual hugs aren’t going to give you cooties. Go on, do it! In fact, practice on my profile! #shameless

Now, without further ado…

10. Thank you, GreenReaper! Thank you for helping articulate why butterflies are so terrifying!

“They can fly at your face. And a ton of butterflies are carnivores. They will eat dead bodies.”


9. Oopsies. I didn’t mean to bring the Corolla curse to FML, Sammi!

“I just read this this morning before leaving to work and now I am home because I was in an accident. My car? A Toyota Corolla”

-Sammi Alberigi

8. You’re right, HonestJane, he never had a chance.

“He was born into this world already on probation.”


7. Norja doesn’t mess around. I’m with you, girl.

“Twilight!? An affair would have been better. Contact your lawyer immediately.”


6. That’s generally what happens when you greet them with the devil wrapped around you, AkaiKitsune.

“When they come knocking I just answer with my boa wrapped around me and they seem to find other places to be very quickly.”


5. Teehee. I like how you roll, LudA9844.

“I guess it was a ....beerwig”


4. Unfortunately, no, rety1. But I appreciate your fervor.

“can I make 100,000 alternate accounts just to give this a more appropriate number of ‘YDI’ votes?”


3. More like Freudian slap, eh TeacherTeacher? Yeah, I know… I should leave the puns to the pros.

“That is the best Freudian slip ever.”



2. This is so poetic, Glowworm56! I appreciate this artistic contribution.

“Looking my arse, he was just hooking!”


1. This. This was good, RichardPencil. This was good.

“You went to Hungary and came back Thirsty?”


“Hello, Sovrn!”

By Nina / Friday 4 August 2017 14:01 / France
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