Here Are The Top 10 Funniest Comments Of The Week!

In this week’s edition of the comment countdown, there are probably too many puns, one user who commented on practically everything, and of course, very clever wordplay.

10. You don’t say?

“Quite the booby trap....”



9. Not everyone listens, just ask Roy Moore.

You know it's illegal to date minors, right?”




8. Well it was and it wasn’t.

“I guess the deal was bust”



7. Instructions could not have been clearer.

“Can’t you follow instructions? It’s “Don’t... don’t let the bugs bite!””



6. A real time-saver.

“Pro tip: it’s a lot easier if you pump the breast milk, put it in a bottle and then use that to squirt it in your own eye. You’re welcome in advance!”



5. Is a little professionalism too much to ask?

“Wow poor example from the head of security, first day on the job and he's already pissing around in front of the new guy.”



4. You could say the opposite was true as well.

“Seems the floor was very appeeling to you.”



3. Must have gone to the same school as all the guys I’ve ever dated.

“Talk about ghosting!! He mastered it”



2. Pic or it didn’t happen.




1. This could be said about literally any FML and that thought is incredibly disturbing.

“Someone, somewhere, has discovered that this is their fetish.”





“I’m glad there wasn’t a cup around. And so are a bunch of fifth-graders!”


“Lemme guess. You shat upon your trainer’s legs and groin causing him to vomit on you? Same ol’, same ol’”


“First on the banana peel and now this? You just can’t catch a break.”





What kind of monsters are you?

A none-to-subtle hint about what your breath smells like? Also, donuts and wine?!?!? C’mon, man!!!”





Caught in the Matrix

“Shit. No one has ever questioned the existence of my posts. I mean, I can see the post and so can you. But what if we’re both imaginary, then our posts would also be figments of imaginations. Can imaginations have imaginations? If we question our reality, does that make us real? Shit, this is too much to contemplate..”





Take it from someone who knows.

“fifty shades of brown”





“What a cat-astrophe. On the bright side, at least you don't have to buy cat food anymore.”


“I bet OP isn’t feline well!


“But he just needs to stay pawsitive.”


“Just to think, alive on caturday, gone on sunday..”


“There's a special place in hell for both of you dickbags”


“Now now, there’s no need to get purrsonal. I felt our puns were clawsome if not purrfect. We’re all just kitten around here.”


“geez Dave? you still haven't learned your lesson from the last time? That doesn't make them feel better!”


“Paw-don me, I cat speak for anyone else, but I paw-fer to make people laugh (or at least myself). Be-claws anyone can express their sympathies in an un-fur-tunate situation, but it’s a meow-velous thing to make jokes in a-paw-ling times. That’s my cat-titude to life.”


“It's good to see that not everyone here has a stick up their arse.”





“I’m sorry for posting anything resembling a joke. I’ll be a good fml commenter from now on and only post brilliantly worded comments like ”I’m so sorry OP”, I promise.”


By Nina / Thursday 23 November 2017 16:06 / France
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