Here Are The Top 10 Comments Of The Week!

By Chairman Meow / dimanche 18 novembre 2018 04:00
So many comments, so little time. Check out our favorites!

Now presenting this week's top comments... Congrats to everyone who made the list!


10. Bippity boppity, bitch.

"I take it your fairy godmother flaked?" - logicalliv


9. It's true though.

"walk in stare and say calmly "the bumper sticker was an inside job"" - Linda Mau


8. There's nothing I can do.

By Anonymous - / Saturday 10 November 2018 15:30 /

"Total eclipse of the FART!" - rcrumbak


7. Be strong.

"I don't know who to side with. My head says "you should have locked the door", my heart says "never disrespect your Grandmother", my gut says "Nana's a religious nut, avoid at all costs", and my penis says "lesbian polygamy? hurry up and open PornHub!". As you can see, this is a huge dilemma." - BurnInDemonFire

"I’m sure it’s one you can rise above and overcome...." - Leeono


6. Subtle.

"What a bummer" - TheSminty1


5. Looks like Andy Dwyer fixed his network connectivity problems.

"Everyone knows you're supposed to put it in the microwave..." - Abbusser


4. That might even break your glasses.

By Anonymous - / Friday 16 November 2018 13:30 /

"Birdie birdie in the sky
Dropped a poopie in my eye
I don’t care, I don’t cry
I just thank god cows don’t fly!" - Angélique Chantal


3. At least he found it this time!

"Premature discharge, eh? I’m guessing this isn’t the first time he’s given your clit a disappointing surprise." - RichardPencil


2. Sounds like a mugger...

"I have never heard of an elegant finger tattoo..." - XUDT72

"Right???? That's like saying "it was a respectful & classy neck tattoo."" - faifai_fml


1. Cheeky.

"I was also shocked when I found my first grey pube. Not as shocked as the people on the elevator, though." - draghkar



"Time to join the "Forever Alone" WhatsApp group..." - Abbusser


That's all for now, folks!


If you didn't make it this week, don't despair. We saw probably 100 others that were worthy... As we said in the opening - so many comments, so little time! We're not complaining, of course... Keep 'em coming and good luck for next week!

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